2019 Youth Awards


The Australian Red Poll Cattle Breeders Inc. will offer a junior member of the ARPCBI the opportunity to attend the South Australian Junior Heifer Expo. One person will be awarded a scholarship to the South Australian Junior Heifer Expo held in Adelaide, 15th -18th July 2019.

This event is widely regarded as the premier youth programme in Australia and regularly attracts entrants from New Zealand.

Dedicated to the promotion and education of the beef industry, the SA Junior Heifer Expo focuses on all aspects of the beef industry and “life skills” such as public speaking, time management and developing a network within the industry.

Senior competitors will have the opportunity to compete for the major prize of a travel scholarship to America.

The aim of these awards is to allow Red Poll junior members the opportunity to increase their understanding of the beef industry.

The winners of these awards will earn  Fully paid Entry fees  The use of a Red Poll to compete with  A travel subsidy to assist towards travel expenses (The subsidy may cover all costs for the winner depending on their departure location)

All junior members of the ARPCBI are invited to compete for these awards in 2019. To compete for the junior scholarships you will need to be a junior member of the Red Poll, have your parent’s permission to travel to Adelaide and be over the age of 14 years. Junior memberships in the name of a school can submit one nomination per school.

To enter juniors are asked to make a submission to the ARPCBI with details of their involvement with Red Polls, the beef industry and their goals for the future. Juniors are encouraged to submit other details of their achievements such as newspaper clippings, photographs or awards.

Entries will be judged on the level of:  Red Poll involvement  Beef Industry involvement  Goals of the entrant within the beef industry

Please include in your submission your contact details including a phone number.

Entries close on the 31st March 2019 and should be addressed to:
Australian Red Poll Cattle Breeders Inc Junior Awards ABRI UNE ARMIDALE NSW 2351

Click here to download the application form