ARPCBI Member Objectives

  • Maintain and develop the Red Poll Breed of cattle.
  • Provide and maintain a comprehensive register of pure bred Red Poll Cattle.
  • Encourage the education and development of the Red Poll breeder to keep abreast of market and scientific change.
  • Spread the use of Red Poll cattle throughout the Beef Industry and maximise financial gains for members and commercial users.
  • Collect, verify and publish ethical information relating to Red Poll cattle to promote the interests of Red Poll members.
  • Interact with all sections of the Industry that have the best interests of the Beef Industry as their objectives.
  • Maintain communication between the members, the Beef Industry and consumers by newsletter and annual production, Web Page updating, pamphlets and advertising.
  • Provide up to date regulations to maximise the genetic advancement of the Red Poll Breed.
  • To manage the Australian Red Poll Cattle Breeders’ Inc. efficiently and ethically for the welfare of all members.